Dr David Edis

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Dr David Edis is an orthopaedic and spine surgeon with fundamental expertise in adult spine conditions. Dr Edis completed his undergraduate medical studies at the University of Melbourne and was awarded his orthopaedic fellowship in 2005. With an interest in health administration, Dr Edis obtained his Graduate Diploma of Medical Administration in 2020.

Dr David Edis consults from his private practice, Victorian Orthopaedic Spine Service, and operates at multiple institutions including The Bays Hospital, Peninsula Private Hospital, St John of God Hospital Berwick, Mulgrave Private Hospital and The Valley Private Hospital. Dr Edis has been an industry leader in adopting minimally invasive techniques and robotic assisted surgery. He has played a key role in the development of spinal navigation and robotic platforms to improve the accuracy of implant insertion and reduce the radiation exposure to staff during operations.

Dr David Edis is an active researcher and medical educator. He believes in lifelong learning in clinical practice and is constantly updating his skills. In 2013, Dr Edis was the AOA Director of Training in Launceston, providing mentoring and education for orthopaedic trainees. Currently Dr Edis is mentoring international spine surgeon fellows and sharing his research and techniques on spinal navigation and robotics.

Dr David Edis is AMA Impairment Assessment Accredited and is available for bookings in relation to independent medical examinations, workplace injuries, transport accidents, public liability matters, total permanent disability and medical negligence claims. Dr Edis is also available for complex case discussion, telemedicine assessment and file review.




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Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Australian Orthopaedic Association
Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators
Spine Society of Australia
North American Spine Society


Dr David Edis

Orthopaedic Surgeon