Azure Medicolegal is a specialist medicolegal firm, providing a connection to the right medical expert and expert opinion

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Azure Medicolegal provides a direct link to medical experts for the provision of independent, accurate and relevant opinions and medicolegal reports

Azure Medicolegal Our Services
Our Services

Consultancy, medicolegal and reporting services

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Azure Medicolegal About Us
About Us

Azure Medicolegal was established by two orthopaedic surgeons with extensive medicolegal experience

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Azure Medicolegal Specialists

Azure Medicolegal specialists are experts in their chosen field with active clinical practices

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Providing the right medical expert for the right client

We understand the importance of an accurate and timely independent medical opinion and report. At Azure, we pride ourselves on having clinically practising specialists with up to date clinical training and knowledge, who are available to provide you with a relevant and detailed report.

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Azure Medicolegal Medical Reports
Medical Reports

We provide medical reports for plaintiff and defendent Lawyers, Insurance companies, transport accidents, workplace injury and TPD assessments

Azure Medicolegal Permanent Impairment Assessments
Permanent Impairment Assessments

We have specialists available for AMA and Comcare impairment assessments.

Azure Medicolegal Medical Negligence Claims
Medical Negligence Claims

Azure Medicolegal will provide a specialist with relevant expertise

Azure Medicolegal Wrong's Act Certificate of Assessment
Wrong's Act Certificate of Assessment

Azure Medicolegal specialists are accredited for AMA impairment assessment