Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that negotiating personal injury, transport accident, workplace injury, medical negligence and other medicolegal matters can be very stressful and time consuming. We appreciate how difficult this process can be and aim to make your experience with Azure Medicolegal as straightforward as possible.

Please find general information below
relating to your medicolegal appointment

What is an independent medical examination?

A medicolegal appointment is an appointment with a medical specialist to independently evaluate your condition, the cause and prognosis. This involves taking a detailed history and examination of your condition(s). The specialist will compile a detailed report that documents the condition for legal purposes.

The specialist will not give advice or provide information regarding treatment, in contrast to other forms of medical examinations and is bound by Ethical guidelines

What should I bring?

Your solicitor/requesting party will notify you of any documentation that you are required to bring to your appointment. You should bring or wear loose clothing that is appropriate to be examined in, or clothing which is easy to be removed to facilitate an examination, such as a single and shorts. You should bring photo identification with you to your appointment.

How long does it take?

A typical medicolegal appointment will take approximately an hour, examination times will vary depending upon the complexity of the condition and report required. Please allow adequate time for parking. If you attend more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time the doctor may not be able to see you.

What happens to my report?

Whomever has requested the report will receive your report within 14 days of your assessment. It is not made available on the day of your examination as it takes time to compile and generate from your documentation and information provided during the assessment. Azure Medicolegal will not provide your report directly to you.

What if I have questions prior to, or after my examination?

Should you have questions regarding your examination or appointment, please contact Azure Medicolegal directly on 1300 298 736, if you have questions regarding legal or procedural matters, please contact your solicitor or referring party.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Azure Medicolegal ideally requires at least two weeks notice to change medicolegal appointments. Late cancellations may incur a cancellation fee. If you have any concerns regarding scheduling your appointment please contact Azure Medicolegal.