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At Azure Medicolegal we provide a range of medicolegal services to plaintiff and defendant lawyers, insurance companies and corporate firms.

Our medicolegal assessments and reports are conducted by our experienced experts. We individually select each of our experts according to their speciality and alignment with our core values. View more about our experts here.

Comcare is the workers’ compensation scheme for employees of the Commonwealth and national companies licensed under the federal workers’ compensation scheme. At Azure Medicolegal, our specialists are trained to conduct Comcare assessments, providing opinions on workplace injuries.
Our medicolegal experts are available to provide expert opinions in court when required. This may be in relation to a case where we have already provided a report, or when only an expert opinion in court is required.
Our medicolegal experts provide file reviews, evaluating a client’s condition or providing an opinion without interviewing or examining the client. This includes blind reviews, where a previous assessment or diagnosis is concealed and not used as part of background case information.
Our independent medical examiners can provide an assessment and report on whether an individual is fit to perform their normal work duties.
We provide timely and high quality independent medical assessments for all relevant matters. Our experts can provide independent opinions for personal injury and public liability matters. All medicolegal assessments are followed by a medicolegal report.
We routinely provide appointments for joint medical examinations and reports. Our specialists have impairment assessment training relevant to their expertise.
We have a range of experienced experts who can provide independent opinions for medical negligence cases. Finding the right expert can be difficult, so let our team connect you with the appropriate expert for your case.
Conducting a medicolegal assessment in a prison environment can be a challenging task. We have several experts who can conduct independent medical examinations within a prison setting and provide a quality report.
We are committed to giving back to the broader community. We provide pro bono services for disadvantaged members of the community. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Telehealth assessments can be arranged for interstate or remote clients requiring an assessment. Our experts will use video conferencing to interview and conduct the medicolegal assessment.
Our independent experts can provide medicolegal assessments and reports for all workplace injuries. This includes Comcare claims.

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