Dr Rekha Ganeshalingam

Orthopaedic Surgeon


Dr Rekha Ganeshalingam is an Australian trained orthopaedic surgeon, with expertise in paediatric orthopaedics. Dr Ganeshalingam completed medical undergraduate studies at The University of Auckland in New Zealand and then completed Orthopaedic fellowship training in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victorian hospitals. During 2015 and 2016 Dr Ganeshalingam attended The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. Here, Dr Ganeshalingam gained experience as a research fellow and clinical observer, including the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines. She has published multiple papers on paediatric and adult orthopaedics in international medical journals.

Dr Ganeshalingam operates at the Geelong University Hospital undertaking general and paediatric orthopaedics. Dr Ganeshalingam has an ongoing role in training and educating future medical staff through orthopaedic Deakin medical student education. She has served on the AOA COC committee, as a representative for the Orthopaedic Women’s Link and has undertaken a Women in Leadership Australia Executive program.

Dr Ganeshalingam  is available for consultations and telehealth bookings in relation to independent medical examinations, workplace injuries, transport accidents, public liability matters, total permanent disability and medical negligence claims.  Dr Ganeshalingam  is also available for complex case discussion and file review.




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Dr Rekha Ganeshalingam

Orthopaedic Surgeon