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Dr Matthew Speed has always been fascinated with pulling things apart and rebuilding them. Since childhood, he has enjoyed fixing toys and machines and putting them back together, so it is not surprising that his chosen profession is one in which he can continue that same passion.

Dr Speed studied Dentistry at Sydney University, graduating in 1991 with First Class honours. With years of extensive experience, he is now a highly skilled, leading-edge dentist in the fields of restorative and preventative dentistry. Dr Speed has maintained a full-time private practice as a general family dentist for 29 years. Located in Hawthorn and Glen Iris (Melbourne), this thriving and successful practice is founded upon beautiful, world-class dentistry provided in a five-star service, family-friendly environment.

During his first six years of Dentistry, Dr Speed worked under the mentorship and umbrella of the Westmead University Hospital, then Lindfield (Sydney) and Blackburn (Melbourne) private practices.

In the 31 years since graduating, he has continued to study, read and learn practical craft from some of the true masters of the profession. With an open mind, he can interweave many expert ideas and treat patients with the best, well-researched and proven beautiful dentistry.

Dr Matthew Speed believes that dental care is an integral component of an individual’s health and wellbeing and tailors all dentistry accordingly. He seeks to be proactive in establishing a healthy, functionally strong dentition.

Dr Speed is experienced in a wide ranging of treatment options, including tooth-coloured bonded resin restorations, porcelain restorations including veneers and crowns, implant crowns, root canal therapy, bite analysis and reconstruction, selective tooth whitening, smile analysis, children’s dentistry and general maintenance.

Dr Speed is an honest and straightforward professional. He genuinely cares about his patients' general and dental health and treats them as a friend, which is perhaps why most of his clientele come from direct referrals. Coming from a family of lawyers, Dr Speed understands the complex role legal documents provide in any proceeding.

Dr Matthew Speed is available for appointments in relation to independent medical examinations, workplace injuries, transport accidents, public liability matters, and medical negligence claims. Dr Speed is also available for complex case discussion, file review and telemedicine assessments.

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