Medicolegal Documents & Assessments

Core to Azure Medicolegal's practice is providing independent medical reports and documentation required for legal proceedings, superannuation, TAC and WorkSafe matters. We offer a range of services across a variety of jurisdictions to assist with your medicolegal matter. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Independent Medical Assessments

We provide timely and high quality independent medical assessments for all relevant matters including public liability and insurance purposes.

Surgical and Medical Consultancy

We provide links to surgical and other medical opinions from a pool of practicing medical and surgical specialists to deliver the expertise required. Call us to discuss your requirements for an expert opinion.

Medical Negligence

Our consultants are able to provide opinions on cases of medical negligence. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

File Reviews

Azure’s consultants are available to provide file reviews, to evaluate a client’s condition without interviewing and examining the client. These can be particularly useful for interstate or international clients who may have difficulty travelling to an appointment.

Joint Medical Examinations

We routinely provide appointments for JME assessments and reports. Our specialists are accredited for impairment assessments for many jurisdictions.

WorkSafe Medical Examinations

We have a range of specialists available to provide worksafe assessments and reports.

Pro Bono

We are committed to giving back to the broader community, and we provide pro bono services for disadvantaged members of the community. Please contact Azure Medicolegal to discuss your requirements.

Prison Assessments

Prison visits comprise a particular challenge for medical assessments. Azure Medicolegal has several specialists who provide independent assessment in the prison setting for interview, examination and report for incarcerated individuals.