About Us

Azure Medicolegal is a boutique firm delivering high quality and timely medicolegal opinions and reports

Our Company Values


Our reports are unbiased, independent and impartial


Our reports are clinically accurate and reflect current medical practice


We are approachable, contactable and pride ourselves on developing strong lasting professional relationships


Our medical reports are backed up by the knowledge of highly trained specialists and sub-specialists

Our Reports

Azure prides itself upon providing high quality, impartial, expert medicolegal opinions from an appropriate expert. Our reports are accurate, concise, and prompt, to allow minimal delay in obtaining an expert opinion.

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Our Specialists

Our specialists are an individually selected team of highly respected specialists in their fields.

They are highly trained and committed to providing the highest quality impartial medical reports which are up to date with current clinical practice. All our specialists are currently engaged in active clinical practice.

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Our Team

Our team extends far beyond our medical specialists and incorporates our administration and management teams. We are proudly committed to delivering excellence in our service. We aim to make providing reports as seamless and stress free as possible, for both the examinee and the third party requiring the report.

Dr Jennifer Flynn

Director | Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr David Slattery

Director | Orthopaedic Surgeon

When it comes to multitasking, Gabbie knows best! Gabbie oversees all business operations at Azure from accounts through to staffing. Gabbie has extensive experience in management and business administration.

Gabriella Bottarelli

Business Manager

Tiffany performs proof-reading and quality assurance of our medical reports to ensure the highest standards are maintained. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts/Science (Hons) and worked as a medical researcher and forensic scientist. She has extensive experience in writing and reviewing research journal articles and scientific experimental protocols.

Tiffany Keele

Quality Assurance Officer

Juliet is our marketing brains and has experience across digital and brand marketing. Having successfully run her own business, Juliet has implemented strategy for B2B and B2C organisations, always focusing on customer satisfaction to drive success.

Juliet King

Marketing Manager

Tara brings a sense of calm and control to every situation in the Azure office. Tara manages the day-to-day organisation of our medico-legal appointments, ensuring the right specialist is allocated to a case. Tara has come from a previous legal role, allowing her to apply her knowledge and skills.

Tara Sammartino

Practice Assistant

Madeline is a part of our Quality Assurance team and performs the important tasks of proof-reading and quality checking our medico-legal reports. Madeline has an eye for detail and commands high standards are maintained. Madeline is currently completing her Masters of Writing and Publishing.

Madeline Simm

Quality Assurance Officer