A/Prof. Augusto Gonzalvo

Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon


A/Prof. Augusto (Gus) Gonzalvo specialises in Spinal, Skull Base, and Pituitary Surgery. With over 15 year's experience in both neurosurgery and spine surgery, he believes that reasonable treatment options backed by science and evidence-based medicine are the driving force behind delivering positive and realistic patient outcomes.

As one of Australia’s few surgeons that hold both neurosurgery and orthopaedic spine surgery fellowships, his area of expertise is predominantly focused on microsurgery and keyhole surgery of the spine, base of the skull and pituitary area.

While surgery is a possible outcome in Gus's years of experience he has found that 80 per cent of patients will not need operative surgery and treatment options that range anywhere from physical therapy or image-guided intervention to infiltrate nerves is a highly likely outcome post consultation.

Treatment is tailored specifically to patient needs and based on proven scientific evidence, following a process that examines medical history and diagnosis, where patients are thoroughly informed on pathways that can help multiple conditions.

Passionate about the nervous system and the possibilities of exploring pathways that help patients heal pain, Gus has emphasised his medical career on continual training, development and research, in both a personal and professional capacity.

As a medical student, a fascination with anatomy and the human body, coupled with a desire to work with his hands to build a real and targeted solution, he has carved a significant career trajectory as a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon. It is both the combination and challenge of understanding the nervous system along with practical treatment, that is his real expertise.

A/Prof. Augusto (Gus) Gonzalvo is available for consultations and telehealth bookings in relation to independent medical examinations, workplace injuries, transport accidents, public liability matters, total permanent disability and medical negligence claims. Gus is also available for complex case discussion and file review.




Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Neurosurgical Society of Australasia


A/Prof. Augusto Gonzalvo

Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon